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Have we passed peak Farage?

The narrative at the moment has been one of Nigel Farage in ascendancy, leading his plucky band of Faragistas in a Brexit revolt against the “metropolitan liberal elite”. Much coverage has been given to his rallies, and one could easily assume that the masses are flocking to him.


“Brexit means Brexit”

An old university friend of mine put the following on Facebook. I think it’s succinct and brilliant:

To be clear, without defining Brexit, the phrase, “Brexit means Brexit” means nothing.

– Jack Perschke


No, I don’t respect the outcome of the EU referendum

In the last 36 hours, many people I know have passed through the various stages of the Kübler-Ross model of grief (denial, anger, bargaining etc.) in the wake of the EU referendum. Most of them now seem to be reaching stage five, acceptance: “I’m not happy with the result of this referendum, but the people have spoken, that’s democracy, I respect and I accept it.”